1.7t Kubota Excavator

1.7t Kubota excavator hire for the Gold Coast

If you’re conducting residential construction, landscaping or utility work on your property, a small excavator can help. Small excavators are designed for tight access and are perfect for all small-scale and micro excavations.

With excellent lifting, digging, and loading capacity and counterbalancing stability, a small excavator is a perfect all-rounder. Their track rollers improve balance, allowing the machine to operate safely over edges. These machines also have superior maneuverability and zero tail swing, making it perfect for operating in tight and narrow spaces.

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Its specialized track rollers help reduce vibration when traveling, making for a quieter work site. The excavator is also outfitted with a hydraulic load sensing system, which is used to secure and balance loads.

We specialise in micro excavations

Our 1.7t Kubota excavator can get in and around narrow spaces to get your excavations done quickly. If your next project requires a mini excavator or earth mover, contact Trade Digger Excavations today. We have a range of mini and micro excavators to suit all jobs and properties on the Gold Coast. If you’d like to know more about the 1.7t Kubota excavator, or the other machines in our fleet, give us a call today.

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