5 M3 Tipper Truck

Need a tipper truck or micro excavator?

Tipper trucks come in a range of different sizes. Most people are familiar with the larger size tipper trucks that are used on construction sites, but there are many other varieties. For residential projects and excavations, a small tipper truck is your best bet.

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A small tipper truck is perfect for tight access and can easily navigate narrow passages and small properties to get earth, rocks and other debris from where it is, to where it needs to go. A small tipper truck can also haul, deliver and dump landscape supplies, such as soil, mulch, and turf.

Tipper truck hire on the Gold Coast

At Trade Digger Excavations, we have a range of micro-excavation machinery available for hire on the Gold Coast. Our5 m3 tipper truck is perfect for all residential excavations and earth moving projects. This robust and versatile machine can transport and dump earth, soil, and debris and is perfect for delivering soil, mulch, and turf.

If you need a tipper truck for your next project, then call us today. Feel free to ask us about our other mini excavators, such as the 1.7t Kubota Excavator and our Husky 4 Bobcat.

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