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Concrete preparation on the Gold Coast

The key to good concrete laying is a solid foundation. Without a proper bed, even the best concrete work will be destroyed over time. Before concrete, you need to prepare a proper bed. Each bed will be prepared slightly differently depending on the job at hand. The most common projects include foundations, industrial and commercial floors and concrete slabs. The process begins with the removal of surface vegetation and topsoil. Next, the plot is leveled and graded to create an even plain. Finally, the surface is prepared, filled and compacted to create a consistent flat area perfect for concreting.

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When creating a bed, it’s always best to call in the experts. Professional excavators can remove weak materials and replace these materials will suitable fill. The ideal material is well-graded aggregates mixed with sands and silts. These professionals can also control moisture levels to achieve maximum compaction. Overly dry soil doesn’t compact well as the soil grains don’t bond properly, and overly wet soil isn’t ideal as the excess water prevents maximum compaction.

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At Trade Digger Excavations, we have the experience and machinery to prepare a proper bed for your concrete. We’ll make sure your ground is properly compacted and cleaned, to provide the perfect foundation for your next project. We can work with a range of soil types and densities to achieve maximum compaction. No matter what the job, we can create flat, uniform surfaces for concreting.

If you require our concrete preparation services or want to know more about our other excavation services, give us a call today. Our friendly team is always happy to help with a free consultation. If you’re building or renovating on the Gold Coast, you may also be interested in our excavating and leveling services and plumbing drainage services.

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