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There are many reasons you may choose to excavate your driveway. Perhaps your driveway is too narrow, and you want to increase its width to make parking and reversing easier. Maybe you’ve changed the layout of your property and need to change the direction or length of your driveway. Perhaps you have built a new garage and need a brand-new driveway. Whatever the case, you’ll require excavation services.

While it is possible to lay your own driveway, it’s always best to contact a professional earth moving service. Using an earth mover or micro excavator, they can flatten and prepare the existing earth ready for a driveway to be laid over. The earth will be prepared slightly differently depending on the type of driveway you want to install (e.g. concrete, asphalt, brick, gravel, crushed stone or paver).

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Professional excavation services have all the equipment and machinery needed to make extension son driveways. Using a mini excavator, they can measure and level the surrounding earth to ensure that the new driveway will perfectly align with the existing driveway. Professional excavation services can also advise you on drainage solutions to ensure your driveway doesn’t flood and to reduce water damage to the overlaid material.

Our driveways excavation will transform your driveway

Whether you need to lay down a new driveway or are looking to extend or widen your existing driveway, Trade Digger Excavations are here to help. We have excavator hire and a range of micro excavator machinery to work on driveways. If you need some advice about laying the foundation for your new driveway, or how to alter your current driveway, feel free to chat with our friendly Gold Coast team. We offer free consultations and give you professional advice, so you can get the most out of your driveway.

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