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Landscape cleaning on the Gold Coast

Keeping up with a Gold Coast garden can be a big ask. Mowing the lawn, pulling weeds, pruning, trimming and clipping. Not to mention the dreaded palm fronds that constantly fall and litter your yard. All things considered, it doesn’t take long for your garden to start looking messy.It only takes a small landscaping project, or a garden clean up and you’re overloaded with green waste.

Even if you tidy up, there’s the issue of where to put it. All that green waste soon fills up your bins. You can take it all to the dump, but that can be difficult without a large vehicle. Even if your car’s big enough, you need to lay down coverings to protect your car and find time to get to the dump after work, or on weekends.

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That’s where landscape cleaning can help. Professional landscape cleaners are equipped with the experience and machinery to quickly and efficiently clean up your property, so you can enjoy a clean, tidy yard.

We’re your local landscape cleaning service

If you’re based on the Gold Coast and need landscape cleaning, contact Trade Digger Excavations today. We have a range of equipment and machinery to clean up all green waste. We can clean large spaces within a quick time frame to make sure your garden is looking it’s very best.

Whether you’re overloaded with palm fronds or drowning in grass clippings, our team can clear your green waste in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call today. We offer free consultations and can offer friendly advice regarding your next project.

If it’s stubborn tree stumps you need help with, check out our specialized small tree stump removal service. If you have other rubbish you need help with, check out our rubbish removal service.

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