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Mulch supply for your Gold Coast garden

Mulch is a loose covering of material that you place on top of the cultivated soil (usually garden beds). During the summer, a layer of mulch improves soil texture and helps your soil retain moisture. The mulch acts as a protective barrier that shields roots from extreme temperatures. This is perfect for the Gold Coast climate, which is prone to drought.

This damper environment encourages beneficial microorganisms which help plant growth. Mulch supply not only improves the soil quality around your plants but also gives your garden a neat and tidy appearance. Just a small layer of mulch on top of your garden beds can give your yard the facelift it needs.

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Topping your garden with mulch is also great if you’re growing fruit or veges, as it stops crops from touching the soil. Mulch is also a massive time saver, as it prevents weed growth. This means less time in the garden pulling weeds and more time enjoying your beautiful garden. Keep in mind that once you’ve laid mulch, you need extra water to reach the roots of the plants underneath.

Gold Coast mulch delivery

If you’re looking for mulch supply on the Gold Coast, then look no further! We at Trade Digger Excavations specialize in landscape supply. We can deliver mulch right to your door, so you can get your garden looking it’s very best.

We’ll even lay and spread your mulch for you to make sure you get the right depth and coverage. We recommend that mulch is laid on top of good quality topsoil, that is moist, raked and weed free. So, if you need help sourcing and laying mulch, give us a call today!

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