Post Hole Boring

Need to install new posts or fencing? You need post hole boring

The most common reason people require post hole boring is putting up new fencing.For fencing to stay safe and secure, the support posts need to go deep into the ground. Standalone posts, columns,shades cloths, awnings and overhanding trellises, can all require post hole boring. Some larger plants and trees also require post hole boring, as their roots need to be secured deep into the ground.

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While you can take the time to manually drill holes, this is very time consuming and incredibly hard work. If you want to make installing a new fence or posts easier, then its best to call in the experts. Professional earthmoving and excavation services can access the quality and density of the surrounding soil and choose the right boring tool for the job.

Better yet, they can ensure that the hole dug for each post is the correct size and sitting vertical in the ground. There’s nothing worse than going to the trouble of boring a whole bunch of holes to later realise they are too wide,too narrow or at an angle.

We do post hole boring on the Gold Coast

Whether you’re putting up new fencing, columns or planting a few large trees, our professional post hole boring services can help with your next project. We have a range of borers, so we can customize the depth and width of post holes to fit your needs. Our post hole borers can go through a range of earth, stone, hard soil and sand, so just let us know what you need, and we’ll come prepared. We service all areas of the Gold Coast, from Elenora to Eagleby, so whatever your soil type, and whatever the job, we’ve got you covered.

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