Small Rock Walls

Small rock walls on the Gold Coast

Small rock retaining walls are a common addition to Gold Coastyards and gardens. They are generally used to create different levels on a property and can be a great solution for properties that don’t have flat land.

While you can build small rock retaining walls yourself, it’s a big task. Lifting rocks day after day is tiring and very hazardous. That’s why we recommend you bring in the experts. Professional excavation services have the experience and equipment needed to get your project done quickly and safely.

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Small rock walls not only need to support themselves, but also the material and soil behind them. The rocks need to resist the pressure and weight behind them, while the weight of the rock wall must also be supported by adequate base material for it to stay strong and sturdy.

If you want to create multi-levelled tiers, they need to be planned out properly to make sure the top tiers don’t put too much pressure on the lower tiers. A professional service will ensure that there is proper drainage to prevent water build up and reducing unnecessary pressure and weight.

We can create small rock walls for your garden

We have lots of experience building small rock walls for properties across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. We want to create walls that not only durable and long-lasting, but also fit in with your garden and landscaping. If you want to add small rock walls to your garden, give us a call today. You let us know what type of rock you’d like to use, and we’ll source it. Keep in mind that for a rock wall to last, you need to choose the right rocks for the job. If you’re not sure what to choose, we can offer you a range of options.

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