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Small tree stump removal on the Gold Coast

There are many reasons why you might remove a tree. A tree may be blocking a view, dropping too many leaves, or may not fit in with the rest of your garden. It’s reasonably easy to cut the tree down to size with trimmers or a chainsaw, and you can usually get rid of most of the trunk with the right tools, but stumps can be a lot more difficult.

Even the smallest trees can have large, stubborn roots that are tough to get out. Many people try boring holes into the stump and filling them with plant killer or poison to destroy the roots and ease removal. While it may seem like a good idea, poison can spread underground, through your soil and end up killing surrounding plants or grass.

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Some people give up on removing tree stumps altogether and leave them in the ground. But this comes with its own set of issues. Not only are tree stumps ugly, but they waste valuable space and can be trip hazards for elderly people and young children.

The best way to remove a small stump is a mini excavator or earth mover. This kind of machinery can dig down deep into the earth and pull the stump out, roots and all! This way you never have to worry about the tree regrowing.

We do small tree stump removal for your property

Small tree stump removal can be backbreaking work, especially if you don’t have the right tools for the job. Why spend days laboring over a tree stump when you can call in the professionals and have it done quickly and without a fuss.

If you’re based on the Gold Coast and require small tree stump removal, then give Trade Digger Excavations a call. We have all the tools and machinery needed to remove small tree stumps at the source. Save yourself the blood, sweat, and tears and contact us today.

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