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If you’re starting a landscaping project, then you’ll need some supplies. The four essential supplies for any good landscaping project are soil, mulch, turf and a bit of inspiration.

If you want to create a new garden, vege patch or herb garden, you need to start with a nice thick layer of quality topsoil. A good soil supply, with essential nutrients and moisture, will ensure that your plants get the best start in life. To further protect your plants and encourage growth, it’s important to put down a generous layer of mulch. A mulch supply will keep your plants warm in the winter and moist during the summer.

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If you’re creating a new lawn, you can’t go past good quality turf supply. While some people choose to create their lawns from seed, it’s not easy. The Gold Coast climate is harsh, and lawn seed doesn’t always take or grow evenly. Lawn seed must be sowed in the right season, whereas turf can be put down year-round. Lawn turf is strong and durable, making it more resistant to drought and heavy rain.

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Trade Excavation Diggers offer soil supply, mulch supply, and turf supply for the Gold Coast region. We have quality soil, mulch, turf, and excavators for residential landscaping projects. Simply give us a call and specify what material you need, along with a quantity and we’ll deliver it straight to your door. We can also lay it, spread it and level it!Whether you’re from Coolangatta, Coomera or Carrara, we’ll get you the supplies you need.

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