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Soil supply for your Gold Coast garden

The natural condition of your soil will differ depending on where you live on the coast, but, in general, Gold Coast soil is not ideal for lush lawns and flowering roses. But don’t fret, that’s where topsoil comes in.

Topsoil is an essential part of any healthy garden. Loaded with carbon and nitrogen molecules and rich in nutrients, soil supply provides the ideal foundation for your flowers, lawn, trees, vege patch or herb garden.Topsoil also increases the amount of water your soil can hold, to support your lawn and plants in periods of drought.

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Laying down a nice deep layer of topsoil gives you the flexibility to create the garden of your dreams. It promotes plant growth and reduces plant and soil diseases to give your plants and lawn the best chance at staying strong and healthy. So, whether you’re looking for that perfectly manicured lawn or you’re creating the ideal foundation for your garden, don’t forget the topsoil.

We’re your local topsoil suppliers

Looking for soil supply on the Gold Coast? We’ve got you covered. Trade Digger Excavations deliver quality topsoil right to your home! We service the entire Gold Coast region, so whether you’re from Beenleigh or Burleigh, we’ll deliver straight to your door.We offer fast and reliable soil supply and are happy to lay, spread and level your topsoil!

We at Trade Digger Excavations are dedicated to all things earth and soil. So, if you need some quality topsoil for your garden, give us a call today!

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