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Turf supply for your Gold Coast garden

When creating a new lawn, many people look to lawn seed because it’s cheaper. But the truth is, growing a sturdy lawn from seed is difficult, especially on the Gold Coast.You need to ensure the seed is put down evenly to prevent patches and choose the right grass variety for your area.

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Even if the grass seed does grow, the new leaves are very fragile and will dry out and die at the first sign of drought. That’s where lawn turf comes in. Most of the beautiful green lawns you envy were turfed rather than seeded. That’s because turf supply is hardier and easier to establish than seed. Better yet, turf laying can be done all year round, whereas seed is more dependent on the cycle of the seasons.

The greatest thing about turf is that once it’s laid, it instantly transforms your garden. You can instantly see the green and after a few weeks, you can walk on it and even begin mowing.

Looking for turf suppliers on the Gold Coast?

No Australian home is complete without a nice green lawn. Whether you’re building your new home or giving your existing lawn a makeover, laying lawn turf is a quick and simple way to get your property looking its best.

So, if you’re looking for turf supply, contact Trade Digger excavations today! We’ll give you friendly advice about different lawn varieties and turf prices and then deliver the turf right to your home. We are also experienced in laying and leveling turf, to ensure your lawn grows strong and healthy.

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